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Installed the Bolt Lever on my Colt M4 in less than 4 minutes using the tutorial on TBL's website as a guide with no problems. Test fired many times and it worked perfectly. I was able to hold target during replacement of magazine; reloads are easier and faster! The TBL is outside the trigger guard area and is not obstructive even with thick gloves on.  I especially like the fact you can use the TBL to hold the bolt back during weapon check. It gives you relief so you can take your time while clearing. I will install on my others.



I installed the 'The Bolt Lever' on Sunday, April 9th, at the French Shooting Club facilities on Fort Knox and, having conducted both live and dry-fire drills with my DPMS 'Tac 16' (early model) this week, I can happily report that your product met my novice expectations toward enhancing the loading of my AR platform. I would recommend it for recreational, defensive or competitive applications as permitted.

My initial thoughts:
> Sustain:
> Installs easily within minutes and with common tools

>Non-intrusive, does not impair normal mechanical functions or handling
(with or without gloves)
> Suitable surface texture (grooves) on both finger pads


installed on my AR 15/M 4 clone and it worked fine. Very fast reload. I would say it is a tactical necessity. The AR system is already the fastest reload....this makes it faster.

As a former police officer as well
asan 11B Infantryman in the Army I have to say this product it truly amazing. I have put it through the ringer testing it on both my SBR .300 Blackout as well as an SBR 5.56, the results were flawless and smooth operation and quite enjoyable as well as a piece of mind knowing I don't have to search for the release or take my eye off the target for any reason. With little muscle memory and virtually no


thought you can operate this lever at a fraction of a second. ( every millisecond counts in a combat situation). I am a customer and will show this to all my friends. Thank you for this product

My perspective as a former gunsmith/armorer/USAF Security Forces/ with 21 years' experience. I am extremely impressed with TBL because it completely replaces the bolt catch in its entirety versus attaching to the existing catch via small set screws that can vibrate loose like the other designs that are on the market today. TBL is designed to considerably improve the speed and efficiency of the bolt catch by allowing the shooter to keep his hand in the ready position on the


operation of the trigger finger. It streamlines bolt manipulation, through practice and muscle memory, to get the weapon into battery more quickly for improved readiness. The idea of not having to take my eyes off the target to perform a rapid reload has me SOLD. I installed the TBL on my AR-15 and fired approx. 300 rounds with various magazines brands with no malfunctions. In my opinion, this should be installed on every LE/Military AR platform. Speed Safes Lives!





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